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Does Your Family Know These Blood Sugar Facts?

This year, the focus of World Diabetes Day is all about family and diabetes, and we are celebrating by taking a close look at how families support each other in managing health. Can diabetes actually help families make health a priority? We think so—especially when families understand the demands of diabetes, and as a result their own individual health needs. When it comes to managing diabetes, it is all about blood sugar. If blood sugar (or “blood glucose”) levels get too high or too low, it can drastically alter your mood, your well-being, and even your long-term health. But as important as blood sugar management is, for...

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Managing the high cost of diabetes

Did you know that medical costs for people with diabetes are more than twice as high as for people without diabetes? Discover the high costs of diabetes and how to manage them with this infographic. Download and share today! For a simple way to save on test strips, sign up for the Accu-Chek® Guide SimplePay savings program today.1 View Infographic As Text ...

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How to save money on blood glucose test strips

Focus on your health, not the cost, with the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay savings program. Save on diabetes testing supplies without using insurance. Download and share this fact sheet explaining how to save money on diabetes test strips now. Sign up to get your free Accu-Chek® Guide SimplePay savings card.1 View Infographic As Text ...

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Make the most of your coverage with these insurance tips

Whether you have private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare coverage, or purchased a policy through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you want to be sure you're getting all you can from your benefits. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Know your copays. Plans often cover different brands at different copays—the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket each time the prescription is filled. Copay amounts and coverage tiers vary from plan to plan, so it's important that you check with your insurance provider to know yours. Or find out about the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay savings program...

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The Family Field Guide to Living with Diabetes

Could diabetes actually help your family get healthier?

When you were first diagnosed with diabetes, you probably had a lot of questions. A lot of doubts. Some misgivings. It probably wasn't your first thought to see your diagnosis as an opportunity for you and your family to live healthier lives. The truth is, diabetes can help your family adopt healthy habits. That's because living well with diabetes looks a lot like the foundation for living well in general. It's all about eating healthy food, staying fit, and taking an active role in your own health and well-being. This downloadable guide is designed to help you and your family make healthy habits a part of...

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Getting to know mySugr

In partnership with: mySugr specializes in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes—made by people with diabetes. mySugr apps, services and access to the world’s best diabetes coaching at the tap of a finger all work together to ease the daily grind of living with diabetes. The mySugr motto, “make diabetes suck less,” rings true in everything they do, and Roche is proud to...

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Learn how Roche helps people manage their diabetes, from the head of Roche Diabetes Care, North America

In honor of Diabetes Awareness month, iHeartMedia produced iHeartRadio’s Living with Diabetes public affairs program, a show featuring information, tools and resources about the condition. Brad Moore, Head of Roche Diabetes Care for North America, was featured on the show and talked about what Roche Diabetes Care is doing to help people living with diabetes and examples about how the company is giving back to the community. Can you tell us a little about what it’s like to live with diabetes? Yes, of course. In fact, November is National Diabetes...

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Paper is for origami, not diabetes logbooks

In partnership with: BY SCOTT JOHNSON (MYSUGR) Article originally published on the mySugr Blog I think I speak for many people with diabetes (PWD’s) when I say that manually keeping track of diabetes data is a lot of work! But there are...

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What has my data done for me lately?

In partnership with: BY FREDRIK DEBONG (MYSUGR) Article originally published on the mySugr Blog The word “data” is one of the most annoying buzzwords around the diabetes community. Data is only as useful as you make it – on a personal as well...

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