mySugr App

Helping you manage your diabetes.

mySugr App

Helping you manage your diabetes.

Features & Benefits

mySugr Benefits & Features
  1. Personalized logging screen Organize the app the way it suits you better. Remove or add fields depending on your therapy needs.
  2. mySugr Analytics The analytics dashboard in the mySugr app provides you with an overview of your recorded blood sugars to help you identify patterns, allowing you to identify areas where your management could be optimized.
  3. Data Reports & Sharing mySugr Reports compile your data for easy printing or digital sharing. You can access and download your data anytime, anywhere and feel free to share your reports with your family, caregivers, and healthcare team for accountability and support.
mySugr Benefits & Features

Product Specifications

Refer to for the latest information on product specifications and restrictions.

The mySugr app is compatible with the following Accu-Chek devices in the US: 

● Accu-Chek Guide 

● Accu-Chek Guide Me

The mySugr app is compatible with the following services and/or apps in the US: 

● Apple Health 

● Google Fit

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Enjoy all the benefits and features of mySugr Pro for free by pairing a compatible Accu-Chek device to the app.

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