Where To Buy Accu-Chek Products

Did you know Accu-Chek products do not require a prescription? In fact, you can even get your diabetes testing supplies delivered straight to your door by shopping online at accu-chek.com or your favorite marketplace!  

Click on any of the logos below to shop for Accu-Chek products such as meters and test strips online or, if you prefer to shop in-person, locate an Accu-Chek retailer near you.

Please be advised of our Notice to Retailers and Notice to Consumers.

Online Retailers:

Note: when you shop for Accu-Chek products online, you should always ensure that you’re purchasing items with “Accu-Chek US” listed as the seller. 

As the sole manufacturer of Accu-Chek products, we are the only manufacturer who can guarantee that the products being sold online are new and safe for your use. 

Prefer to shop in person?Visit your favorite retailer to purchase Accu-Chek products over the counter.

In-store Retailers: