ACCU-CHEK® Aviva Expert

Now enjoy the meal without
worrying about the math

  • — Introducing the first and only blood glucose meter
    with a built-in insulin calculatore
  • — Calculates the precise amount of insulin you need
  • — Helps minimize insulin stacking, which can lead to lows
  • — Uses ACCU-CHEK Aviva Plus test strips,
    featuring advanced accuracy

When you have diabetes,
accuracy matters.

  • Choose a meter you can trust.
  • Get a free ACCU-CHEK Nano or
    ACCU-CHEK Aviva meter!


Out of sight. In control.

  • Bluetooth® technology allows you to remotely control
    insulin delivery, making it easy, quick and discreet
  • — Tuck away the ACCU-CHEK Spirit Combo insulin pump
    and you may not need to touch it all day

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ACCU-CHEK® Aviva Plus

Insert the black code key once.
Never touch it again.

Don't throw that black code key away!
Once it's inserted, it's there to stay for the life
of your silver ACCU-CHEK® Aviva meter.

Need a black code key?

ACCU-CHEK® Aviva Plus

Trusted performance now comes
with a sleek new look

  • — Everyday testing is easy, fast and convenient
  • — Uses ACCU-CHEK Aviva Plus test strips which offer advanced accuracy
  • — Preferred on most healthcare plan formularies
    and covered by Medicare Part Bf
  • — Includes ACCU-CHEK Softclix lancing device
    with simple one-handed operation

ACCU-CHEK® Compact Plus

All-in-one convenience

  • — Load-and-go drum of 17 preloaded test strips
  • — Detachable lancing device uses
    least-painful lancing technologyc
  • — No coding
  • — Bright, easy-to-read display


The only 1-click lancing device
with a drum

  • — 1 click is all it takes
  • — Proven least painful and overall easiest to usec
  • — ACCU-CHEK® FastClix drum with 6 preloaded
    lancets—no individual lancets to see or touch
  • — 11 customizable depth settings for different skin types


Small, bright and fits into your life

  • — Covered on most healthcare plans and by Medicared
    to help you save money on test strips
  • — Uses ACCU-CHEK SmartView test strips, which offer
    advanced accuracy
  • — Fun, stylish meter skins in a choice of bright, bold colors

Don't throw your
black code key away.

Once it's inserted, it's good
for the life of the meter.
Request one now.

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Important safety notice for ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus users: If you are taking the antibiotic Ceftriaxone, a new limitation has been discovered that may cause the ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus meter to provide erroneously low blood glucose results. Please click here for more information.


Important notice: Test strips for the ACCU-CHEK Active and ACCU-CHEK Advantage meters have been discontinued. Current users click here for a FREE UPGRADE to the ACCU-CHEK Aviva meter or click here to learn more about the ACCU-CHEK Nano meter.