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Choosing the right blood glucose meter

There are many blood sugar meters to choose from, so start by thinking about what's most important to you. Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are you concerned about accuracy? Make sure you're using a meter and test strips that provide accurate results. Roche quality control processes ensure consistent accuracy. Find out more about our accuracy commitment.
  • Do you use blood glucose results to dose insulin? The Accu-Chek Connect system sends results from a wireless Accu-Chek meter to a smartphone app that includes an insulin calculator.2
  • Do you feel like you're always short on time? A system that syncs your data wirelessly, without manually entering results, can save time with every test. You may also want to consider a blood glucose meter that gives results quickly, makes it easier to handle test strips, doesn't require coding, or simplifies lancing or dosing.
  • Would you like to reduce the pain of testing? Choose a system with a lancing device specifically designed to minimize pain, such as the Accu-Chek FastClix lancing device, which is proven least painful and overall easiest to use.1
  • Will you track results in the blood sugar meter, with an app or on a computer? Most blood sugar monitors have built-in memories, and many can beam or transfer data directly to your smartphone or computer. The Accu-Chek product family includes a few of these options, including the Accu-Chek Connect and Glooko™ apps.

Think about what will make testing easier for you, then look for a system that fits your needs.

1Ranked first most often versus leading competitors. Data on file.

2The Bolus Advisor feature requires setup and activation by a healthcare professional.