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Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments Episode 1: Introducing the Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments Podcast with Shelley and Todd

In Episode 1 of Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments, Cherise had the opportunity to chat with Shelley Landes and Todd Laderach from Roche Diabetes Care Customer Marketing team about peer support, new strategy and more. Show Notes Get to know Shelley and Todd from the Customer Marketing Team Evolution of Roche Diabetes Care US social media content and engagement The motivation behind the Inspiration Exchange Importance of peer support and why Roche Diabetes Care US is hyper-focused on peer connections and resources What’s next for Roche Diabetes Care US social...

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Concerned father comforts his sad adult-age son on balcony

Newly diagnosed? How to explain diabetes to your children.

If you're a parent who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes, you're probably wondering how your diagnosis will also affect your children. Even though you may want to spare them from any upsetting news, they need to know. Here's how to start and continue this important conversation. Start wit...

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Peaceful girl pressing her forehead against pet cat's head

6 ways to recharge—mind, body and spirit

Fall seven times and stand up eight. - Japanese proverb​ If you're feeling busy or worn out, it can be hard to take time to focus on yourself. But a few self-energizing minutes a day can make you more productive to meet the demands life and diabetes send your way. Here are 6 ways to recharge...

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Young man pumps fist and roars in triumph as friend gives the thumbs-up sign in the background

Planning for the new year? Forget "I should." Think "I can."

We all know what we should do. We should get 8 hours of sleep every night. We should replace our home air filters every 3 months. We should pay more attention to world events. However, knowing and doing are very different things. As we near the start of a new year, it's natural to ponder resoluti...

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Tidy, organized computer desk set between two shelves before a window

Can tidying up diabetes care be life-changing?

Many of us have wished we could be more organized—in our homes or our overall approach to living. Now, a recent best-seller has spurred a lot of talk about how decluttering and organizing can create joy in your life. Perhaps you've heard about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. But can this idea work for diabetes care—or cynics? As you're likely to be in at least one of those categories, or close to someone who is, we had some thoughts about adapting this philosophy to the 24/7 world of diabetes. In the simplest terms, the idea is to let go of things that don't con...

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When life got overwhelming, Phyllisa took control of the one thing she could.

Of all the diagnosis stories we've heard, Phyllisa's is one of the most dramatic. That's one reason we're so impressed with where she's landed. The founder of Diagnosed Not Defeated talked with us about how she went from rock bottom to being a prominent advocate for people with diabetes. We hope you...

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Bored man in suit distractedly looking away from his crowded computer desk

Driven to distraction—the reality of managing diabetes every day

BY MEREDITH RIVERS, MS, RD, LD, CDE, ROCHE MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC LIAISON For those of us who take care of diabetes every day, life can be complicated—a lot more complicated than a person who doesn't have diabetes. Every item we eat, every activity we perform and even just vegging in front of...

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Shocked couple on sofa eating popcorn and reacting to something happening on TV

Diabetes in the media: often more fiction than fact

It used to just be movies and the occasional TV show. But thanks to the Internet, misinformation about diabetes travels at nearly the speed of light. Is there anything you can do about it? Con Air. Panic Room. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Hollywood has a history of mistakenly showing people...

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6 hands stacking up in a show of support and camaraderie

A lifetime of learning—34 years with type 1 diabetes

  Ashley was 15 when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1983. For the past 34 years, she's battled severe lows, figured how to manage her self-care on a shoestring budget, and seen big changes in the tools and learning available. We enjoyed chatting with Ashley about her experience, and wanted to share her powerful diabetes management story with you. What was it like when you were diagnosed? I was near death—I'd been sick for quite a while with strep and flu symptoms, so I went to the doctor and they put me on antibiotics, but I didn't get better. Then I started getting...

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