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Why working with a diabetes coach can be beneficial

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It’s common to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and alone. There is a lot involved in managing diabetes! Aside from the grind of checking blood sugars, monitoring your diet, and everything else that’s involved, you’re also trying to stay one step ahead of the game. It’s exhausting!

You’re probably also overloaded with information. There’s so much to learn with just the basics of diabetes, not to mention all of the data that you have to wrestle with. Blood sugars, medications, food tracking, and more! How can you NOT be overwhelmed?

Have you ever felt guilty about not doing all of this stuff well enough? It’s common to feel that way, but you’re not being fair to yourself. You might see your doctor a few times each year, but how long are those visits? And trying to cram so much information into such short appointments is next to impossible; how can you possibly remember everything? Have you ever left your appointments with a feeling of information overload? Or unanswered questions? Or wishing they would have spent a little more time on something?

Thankfully, help is easy to find with diabetes coaching and certified diabetes educators.


What would it be like to have help with parts of your diabetes? What if you had someone on your team who helped with some of the stuff you dislike? Or someone who spent all the time you need on topics you choose? Or someone who simply crunched all the numbers and picked out opportunities for improvement (patterns & trends)? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But wouldn’t it be great?

Choosing to outsource some of your diabetes care is a great way to take your diabetes management to the next level. Instead of trying to absorb all of the information at once, or master every skill in diabetes management, the right expert can coach you with personalized information that fits your season of diabetes care and current needs.

Certified Diabetes Educators are Expert Coaches

Certified diabetes educators are great at evaluating your unique situation and delivering exactly what you need, when you need it. You can count on their specialized diabetes knowledge. Many certified diabetes educators also have additional expertise, such as diabetes and exercise, or diabetes and pregnancy, or diabetes and nutrition, or diabetes and other health conditions.

Working with a good CDE can bring a lot of benefit to your diabetes management, and also provide a lot of relief around parts of diabetes that are hard for you. Overwhelmed by analyzing your numbers? A CDE can help with that. Confused by food choices and recommendations? A CDE can help with that. Frustrated by results that don’t match the effort you’re putting in? A CDE can help with that.

Thankfully, features like mySugr Coach make it possible to have unlimited access to high-quality certified diabetes educators right on your smartphone. You can send a message to your mySugr Coach when it’s convenient for you – there’s no appointment to book, no driving back and forth to the clinic, no rush to fit all of your questions into the appointment, and no copays. It’s all the of the benefit and none of the frustration.

The mySugr Bundle subscription comes with unlimited Accu-Chek® Guide test strips and automatically includes the mySugr Coach feature. Do yourself a favor and sign up today!

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