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Learn how Roche helps people manage their diabetes, from the head of Roche Diabetes Care, North America

In honor of Diabetes Awareness month, iHeartMedia produced iHeartRadio’s Living with Diabetes public affairs program, a show featuring information, tools and resources about the condition. Brad Moore, Head of Roche Diabetes Care for North America, was featured on the show and talked about what Roche Diabetes Care is doing to help people living with diabetes and examples about how the company is giving back to the community.

Can you tell us a little about what it’s like to live with diabetes?

Yes, of course. In fact, November is National Diabetes Awareness month and November 14 is World Diabetes Day, so I’m honored to be here today to raise awareness for such an important topic.

Unfortunately, diabetes is on the rise with more than 30 million people in the US—that’s 1 out of every 10 Americans1—living with this chronic condition. People living with diabetes—the men and women who we, at Roche Diabetes Care, aim to serve every day—will tell you that it is a daily struggle to navigate this complex and expensive condition. As a result, our focus is to respond to this reality and address the needs of people with diabetes with solutions and programs that simplify their daily routine along with the strain on their wallet.

What are some of the ways diabetes treatment can be modernized improve the quality of life of those living with diabetes?

At Roche Diabetes Care, we recognize and understand that today’s healthcare system is complicated and sometimes confusing. Through innovative technology that will help people manage their diabetes, we recently introduced the Accu-Chek® Guide system, a meter with a SimplePay savings program2 that will allow those living with diabetes to focus on their health and not the cost.

How costly can diabetes treatment be?

Unfortunately, medical costs for people with diabetes are 2x higher than for people without diabetes.1 So it’s not surprising to see that in a recent survey of 500 U.S. adults with diabetes, 58% have “cut corners” on their diabetes management, and 57% frequently felt frustrated with the cost of managing diabetes.3 This is why we want everyone to know about the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay program.2 It helps people with diabetes simplify their diabetes management and save a few bucks by always paying the same low price for every test strip refill.

We’ve also heard a bit about this #BuckOffDiabetes4 campaign that Roche Diabetes Care is behind and have seen a bunch of people posting pictures online. Can you tell us more about this?

Our mission at Roche Diabetes Care is to help people with diabetes live their lives as active and unrestricted as possible. The #BuckOffDiabetes campaign aims to do just that. The campaign represents not only a bold, new attitude for taking on diabetes, but it also drives awareness of how the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay program2 can help ease the financial burden and management hurdles that people with diabetes face.

You may have seen our spokesperson, country artist and T1D, Ben Rue,* on the road talking about the campaign, as he has a shared passion for helping improve the lives of those with diabetes. We’re thrilled to be working with him as he is an incredible example of living life with the #BuckOffDiabetes attitude.

Additionally, because November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day is November 14, we encouraged everyone to get involved in the campaign whether they have diabetes, or if it affects someone they know and love. People showed how they took diabetes by the horns by turning their hands into bull horns and sharing a photo on social media with #BuckOffDiabetes. Roche Diabetes Care made a charitable donation to diabetes-related organizations for each one. All in all, we donated $60,000 to groups who do important work to help educate and support those living with diabetes.

What organizations are receiving the charitable donations?

Roche Diabetes Care is working with Beyond Type 1, the College Diabetes Network and Taking Control of Your Diabetes, who all have a shared mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Roche Diabetes Care is proud to support numerous other diabetes organizations as well.

How did Roche Diabetes Care get involved with the iHeartCountry One Night for Our Military event?

Country music ranks highly for people with diabetes,5 and the iHeartCountry One Night for Our Military reaches thousands of people who may be living with or know someone living with diabetes. In an effort to spread awareness surrounding this complex condition. Being a part of a large-scale event like the iHeartCountry One Night for Our Military allows us to engage in the larger conversation. Additionally, one in four men and women who have served their country have diabetes, which is why we are committed to raising awareness to educate, inspire and manage the high costs of diabetes.6 We are also a proud Military Friendly® Employer and are honored to be part of an event that recognizes our veterans.7

Where can our listeners go to get more information?

This program is over, but people can still find out how to save a buck and better manage their diabetes through the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay saving program.

Grab diabetes by the horns

Save some bucks with Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay2


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2THE ACCU-CHEK SIMPLEPAY PROGRAM IS NOT INSURANCE; IT IS A CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM AND CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY FORM OF HEALTH INSURANCE. Those insured by any government healthcare program, such as Medicare, Medicaid, the military or VA, are NOT eligible for this offer. Insurers may offer a lower cost option. 30- or 90-day Accu-Chek Guide test strip prescription required. Limit 12 vials per refill. Refills cannot be dispensed before 75% of previous days’ supply have elapsed. Program may be changed or discontinued at any time. Discount varies based on quantity of test strips purchased. See card for details.
3The Roche Diabetes Care Survey was conducted online by Wakefield Research among 500 U.S. adults with diabetes, between April 11-19, 2017. The margin of error was +/- 4.4%.
4See complete terms and conditions.
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*Ben Rue is a paid spokesperson for Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


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