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What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

This year, the theme of World Diabetes Day is Eyes on Diabetes. What better time to celebrate the gift of eyesight and the most beautiful thing your eyes have ever captured―a sleeping child, one of the world's greatest paintings or a perfect sunset?

It's easy to take our eyes for granted. But this November, when you see the World Diabetes Day blue circle, remember all the other images your eyes let you take in every day. Then make sure you're doing what you can to protect the gift of eyesight. How? We have 2 ideas that probably won't come as a big surprise.

1. Watch your blood sugar. Working with your healthcare team to control diabetes can reduce the risk or slow down the progression of eye disease (as well as all the other long-term health issues associated with diabetes).1

2. Don't fall behind on your eye exams. The American Diabetes Association recommends a dilated eye exam at diagnosis for people with type 2 diabetes, and within 5 years of diabetes onset for those with type 1. After that, if there's no sign of damage, your doctor may just want to see you every 2 years. If they see some early damage, they'll want you to come in more often.1

Keep in mind that treatments often work well if you start them early.2 So don't wait until you think something might be wrong. Protect the gift.

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