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Why we heart American Girl

There's a new kid in town, and she's winning with type 1 diabetes. The new American Girl® Diabetes Care Kit for Dolls includes everything a doll needs to check her blood glucose, pump or inject insulin, and even treat a low. Who knew a lancing device could be cute?

The accessory kit was inspired by an 11-year-old girl who created an online petition, gathering more than 4,000 signatures. She'd just been diagnosed a few months before, and wanted her doll to be just like her. Naturally, that included learning about and managing her diabetes. American Girl took her advice and launched the new kit on January 1.

It's not American Girl's first trip into inclusiveness. There's already an allergy-friendly lunch, crutches, a service dog and other items that help the dolls reflect real girls' experiences.

These specialized items, mixed right into the catalog among bicycles and telescopes and party dresses, send a clear message—diabetes and other conditions are part of many kids' everyday experience, and they're not alone.

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