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What would your perfect day look like?

By now, we hope everyone everywhere has realized that "perfect" isn't a thing. It's not a thing anyone can achieve, and it's not a worthwhile goal. Even those who look like they've achieved perfection will tell you they haven't.

But that doesn't mean we can't imagine what One Perfect Day might look like. Here's what might be part of ours:

  • Great hair. It's not all about diabetes. Good hair (or its analog, if you're more focused on another attribute) just seems to help us walk a little taller.
  • 24 hours in range. Or mostly in range. No energy-sapping highs. No weird, buzzy lows. No need to try to figure out the reason why.
  • A beautiful walk outside. Or a swim. Or some dancing. Or kite flying. Or whatever lets you feel like you did something worth remembering today.
  • Amazing food that looks as good as it tastes and leaves you feeling totally satisfied. You know, things you eat because you want to that just happen to not spike your blood sugar. Fortunately, bright colors and flavors are especially easy to put on your plate at the height of tomato and peach season.
  • Something spontaneous. It's so easy to be overbooked or feel like you can't say yes when an opportunity pops up. But have you ever had more fun than when you just jumped in with both feet? Saw a friend on the street and stopped for coffee? Put everything aside and saw a midafternoon movie?
  • No guilt. About anything.

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