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Summer isn't over yet! Have fun while getting ready for fall.

We've been hearing people say "September is the new January." And it's true—as summer comes to a close and the kids go back to school, people seem to have a change in perspective. We're no longer floating down a lazy river. Instead, it's time to plug back in and get motivated.

Before the leaves start to change and you pull the jackets out of storage, here are a few things you can do to enjoy the last days of summer while looking forward to fall.

Set new goals. While you're feeling charged up from a few months of solar energy, think about things you may want to take with you into the fall and winter. Consider making resolutions now, when the world is in transition anyway, rather than at the end of the holidays. After all, changes you embrace today may make the holidays easier to manage.

Finish what you started. If you meant to finish something "later," pick a day or weekend and make it happen. End summer with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Be outside. Whether Pokémon Go is pulling you forward, or the knowledge that the twilight hours will be coming earlier every day, find an excuse to take your activity outdoors. Fill outdoor planters with bold reds and yellows. Or go for a hike—even if it's just to gather kindling for a backyard fire pit. (Bonus—fire it up and enjoy a bolus-worthy s'more.)

Get back in the habit. Some kids are already back to school. If you have any at your house, especially one with diabetes, get ready for the September routine: educating, updating, preparing for everything. Make sure every i on your 504 plan (and other school materials) is dotted and every t is crossed, making sure it's updated to reflect your child's needs this year. If you want to have eyes inside the school, consider the Accu-Chek® Guide meter with the Accu-Chek Connect app, which auto-generates a text with blood sugar results when your child tests.

Admit it. August is officially "Admit You're Happy Month." So do it. Think about what's going right and honor this important national observance by admitting that, hey, you've got all sorts of things in your life worth smiling about. Keep that in mind and extend your summer attitude straight into fall.

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