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The wisest thing I can do is be on my own side―

be an advocate for myself and others like me.

- Maya Angelou

How do you know something is worth fighting for? And what battles are best left unfought? With diabetes, the answer is easy―everyone on this planet deserves quality diabetes care and resources.

So maybe you don't need to take on the food police at every meal. Or set every helpful advice-giver straight. But this month, together we can take on the big fight and win.

Fight for love. Help a kid with diabetes know they're not alone. Take part in the JDRF's #T1DLooksLIkeMe campaign.

Fight for knowledge. Do something to raise awareness at work, school or your community. Organize a healthy activity or take a crowd-sized blue circle photo to open up the discussion.

Fight for change. Write one letter or make one phone call each week to a different elected official. It takes just a moment to ask them to step up diabetes advocacy. The American Diabetes Association's has all the info.

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