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Now and then it's good to pause in our
pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
– Guillaume Apollinaire

The obligations are all tucked away (perhaps along with the decorations). For many, the post-holiday season can be a let down. But we see it as an opportunity to focus on yourself and chill. What haven't you had time for?

  • Finish that book. Beach reads aren't just for the beach. Curl up under a blanket, brew some tea and read, guilt-free.
  • Serve a meal. This may not sound like focusing on yourself, but you can easily extend a sense of gratitude by lending a hand at a shelter or soup kitchen. During the holidays, many of these places are overwhelmed with offers to help. Come January, however, the need is just as great but the volunteers have moved on.
  • Get together. Sure, you may want a break from big gatherings or cooking your heart out. So grab a casual bite with friends or catch a movie. It can feel good to hunker down and binge-watch from the sofa, but staying connected might help avoid a post-holiday let down.
  • Look inward. We wouldn't dare use the word "resolution." Instead, just take a thoughtful look at what you can do now to enjoy the year ahead. Going for a walk a few times a week? Trying some new recipes? Think about what might put you on track for a gorgeous spring.

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