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6 ways to recharge—mind, body and spirit

Fall seven times and stand up eight.

- Japanese proverb​

If you're feeling busy or worn out, it can be hard to take time to focus on yourself. But a few self-energizing minutes a day can make you more productive to meet the demands life and diabetes send your way. Here are 6 ways to recharge your physical, mental and emotional energy.

1. Quiet your mind. Sit and simply listen to yourself breathe deeply. If any outside pressures try to intrude, ask them to wait until you're ready to resume thinking.

2. Re-spark a resolution. New Year's resolutions are full of good intentions, but it's easy to lose your resolve after January 1st. No matter the time of year, consider giving it another go by walking to places instead of driving or trying new items in the produce market.

3. Reach for a power snack. Eat mindfully. Choose a snack that includes protein, fiber and a little fat to keep your energy up after the carbs have worn off.

4. Drink a glass of water. Even mild dehydration can make you feel sleepy, and many of us don't drink enough cool, clear, straight-up-no-sugar-fat-free water—especially when we're busy.

5. Play. Sing or dance. Laugh out loud. If you don't have time for a pick-up game of basketball, watch a few funny cat videos on YouTube.

6. Cut the power. Take a break from unnecessary technology. Check e-mail hourly (or less). Skip texting and make a phone call. Try a social media vacation (shocking!). Find new outlets for your time and attention that give you more in return.

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