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A lifetime of learning—34 years with type 1 diabetes

  Share your story! Post a photo, video or tip to the Inspiration Exchange! Share Now Ashley was 15 when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1983. For the past 34 years, she's battled severe lows, figured how to manage her self-care on a shoestring budget, and seen big changes in the tools and learning available. We enjoyed chatting with Ashley about her experience, and wanted to share her powerful diabetes management story with you. What was it like when you were diagnosed? I was near death—I'd been sick for quite a while with strep and flu symptoms, so I...

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Different activities: Different effects. Preparing to exercise depends on what you plan to do.

Christel, co-founder of Diabetes Strong talked to us about her experience managing blood sugar while exercising, and how different types of activity impact her blood sugar levels. These are some of the ideas she's been sharing with her coaching clients and on her blog, and are now becoming more widespread among doctors. Before and during exercise In the past, recommendations for managing your numbers while exercising didn't differentiate between different types of physical activity.1 However, recent research has shown that different types of activity can have distinct effects on your blo...

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