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Ready for the candy talk?

We don't mean the conversation you have with your D-child every Halloween. We're referring to the education you give to countless well-meaning adults. Here are 10 things to say to friends and family about Halloween, sugar and managing diabetes.

  1. Yes, people with diabetes can have candy. But just like everyone and everything else, it's about moderation.
  2. We check our blood sugar levels several times a day and treat highs or lows as necessary. It's our routine and Halloween is no exception.
  3. No, everything does not have to be sugar-free. Sugar-free foods may make our lives easier, but they're not required.
  4. Besides, there are still carbohydrates in sugar-free foods. And those affect us as much as sugar.
  5. You may see a piece of candy, but we see a number―the amount of carbs in that peanut butter cup helps determine how many we'll eat.
  6. No, we would not like something healthy instead. It's Halloween! We want mini candy bars and lollipops, just like you.
  7. We may need to take a break from trick-or-treating to check our blood sugar levels. If they're low, we may even eat some Halloween candy to stabilize things. In this case, we HAVE to eat it. Even mom can't say no.
  8. No, you shouldn't feel weird about giving us candy. After all, we don't feel weird about asking you for it.
  9. Yes, we LOVE Halloween. There's more to this holiday than treats! Wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, watching spooky movies and going door-to-door are just as fun as collecting mounds of candy.
  10. Yes, we have cravings and sometimes we indulge. We're human, and we'll be back on track tomorrow.

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