E-3: Test error

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Error codes E-3

E-3 in the display means a meter or a test strip error has occurred.  In rare cases, an E-3 message may indicate that your blood glucose is extremely high and above the system’s measuring range.

In addition, the message could appear if the cap on the test strip container was not closed tightly. The test strips may have been damaged due to improper storage or handling. The following instructions should help you understand what action to take:

  • If your test result matches how you feel, contact your healthcare professional immediately.
  • If your test result does not match how you feel, repeat the test.
  • If the second test result does not match how you feel, perform a control test with the control solution and a new test strip.
  • If the control result is within the acceptable range, review the proper testing procedure and repeat the blood glucose test with a new test strip.

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