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ACCU-CHEK® Testing in Pairs tool

A simple, 7-day learning activity that allows you to look at one thing and see the change with before-and-after testing

This simple paper tool helps you see changes in your blood sugar before and after a specific meal, exercise or other event. Use it for 7 days to see how one thing in your daily routine affects your blood sugar.

Food/Drinks. How does the food or alcohol you choose affect your blood sugar?

Exercise. How does it affect your blood sugar?

Daily life. If you try to reduce stress, does it help?

How did your blood sugar change between Before and After?

  • After 7 days, what did you learn about your blood sugar?
  • What can you do next? Can you think of some simple steps to take (e.g., such as changing your serving sizes or walking after dinner)?
  • You can take your completed ACCU-CHEK Testing in Pairs tool to your healthcare provider, and talk about what you both see. Are there any changes you can make to keep your blood glucose in a healthy range? Is there another kind of activity you want to try with the before-and-after testing?

Download and print the free blood sugar analysis tool, and get started with just 3 easy steps. Please work with your healthcare provider to use the tool with your child:

Start by thinking about what you'd like to learn about your blood sugar. Then use the ACCU-CHEK Testing in Pairs tool to find the answer. Here's how:

  1. Start with a simple question and use your blood sugar results to see what works for you.
  2. Each day, check your blood sugar before the meal or activity, and write the number in the Before column.  Check it again at a specific time after the meal or activity, and write it in the After column.
  3. How did your blood sugar change?

See how the ACCU-CHEK Testing in Pairs tool works

Gina's discovery type 1
Read how Gina was able to determine which activities affect her blood glucose most.
Read about Gina's discovery

Andrew's discovery type 2
See how Andrew learned the real impact his late-night snacks had on his blood sugar.
Read about Andrew's discovery

Steven's discovery type 2
See how Steven finds out what effect a daily
walk has on his blood sugar.
Read about Steven's discovery

Mary's discovery type 2
Follow along as Mary charts the connection between her breakfast and her numbers.
Read about Mary's discovery

Watch the ACCU-CHEK Testing in Pairs tool in action

Ted's discovery type 1
Ted sees how a good pre-exercise snack keeps him in a safe range.
Watch now

Bill's discovery type 2 insulin
See how Bill learns to dine out without his blood sugar spiking.
Watch now

Marcia's discovery type 2
Watch Marcia find out that she can enjoy the foods she loves.
Watch now

The value of testing in pairs

Watch Dr. Polonsky discuss the value of testing in pairs.

Play this video
Dr. Polonsky - The value of testing in pairsduration: 4 minutes 5 seconds

Featured healthcare professional, William Polonsky, PhD, CDE, received a fee for participating in this video.

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