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Questions about your ACCU-CHEK system or how to check your blood sugar? Click on the categories below for frequently asked questions and answers.

Top 3 FAQs

Will changes to Medicare Part B affect coverage of ACCU-CHEK products?

Answer: Rest assured, ACCU-CHEK products are still covered by Medicare Part B.1 To preserve your choice and ensure you're not switched to a low-quality product, ask your healthcare provider to always write a branded prescription for ACCU-CHEK test strips. Click here for more details.

1Coverage may vary based on your condition and other factors.

Are ACCU-CHEK blood glucose meters covered by insurance?

Answer: All standard ACCU-CHEK meters and diabetes test strips are preferred on most healthcare plan formularies, so you may save money.1 In addition, ACCU-CHEK products are covered by Medicare.

1Co-payments and preferred statuses vary from plan to plan.

How do ACCU-CHEK lancing devices help reduce pain?

Answer: ACCU-CHEK lancing devices all use technology that minimizes side-to-side motion for less skin tearing. Plus, the way our beveled lancets are precisely designed and manufactured allows for smoother entry. Finally, each device offers 11 customizable depth settings to help match your skin type and help eliminate blood glucose testing pain.

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