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Mobile apps: powerful data, at your fingertips

A mobile app can be an extremely useful tool, helping you manage your day-to-day life with diabetes.

There are a lot of apps out there, but here are some of the ones we found that had high ratings, were free or affordable, and had an easy-to-use format.

For example, the mySugr logbook app calls itself "a loyal diabetes companion," because it makes it easy to collect, view and analyze blood sugar, insulin, carbs, food, you name it. It even syncs with the Accu-Chek Guide meter. Bright, friendly and easy to navigate—it's free for Apple and Android devices.


In addition...

The Accu-Chek® Connect app can automatically receive results from the Accu-Chek Guide meter, or you can use the app on its own to track data manually. You can add meal photos to help estimate carbs and visualize results in a variety of ways. It's free for Apple and Android users.

The Glooko® app pulls your blood glucose numbers from your meter, so all of your readings are charted in a logbook on your phone. Some meters require a cable, although the Accu-Chek Guide meter syncs wirelessly. The app is free, and available for iPhone®/iPad® and Android users.

Fooducate helps you make informed choices about food. Simply scan a barcode, and this app exposes the story behind the label—like hidden sugars and trans fats—in more than 200,000 items. It's free, and available for Apple and Android devices.

MyFitnessPal® is popular with people who have diabetes, as well as those who don't, because it makes tracking meals and exercise easy. Designed to help people achieve or maintain a healthy weight, it includes nutrition information on more than 4 million foods, including restaurant items.

Glucose Buddy ensures that you never forget to check your blood sugar, thanks to reminders and push notifications. It also functions as a log, tracking your blood sugar levels, A1C, carbs, insulin or medications, and more. It's free, although there is a paid premium version available, and works with Apple and Android devices.

Diabetic Connect® is your entry to the largest online diabetes community. Whether you post your own question or search topics already being discussed, it's a fast and easy way to seek support or find advice. It's free, and available for Apple and Android users.

Calorie Counter PRO takes the mystery out of counting carbs. With nearly 700,000 foods in the database, just scan a bar code or do a search, and the app tells you exactly what you're eating, whether you're buying it at the supermarket or sitting at a restaurant. You'll also get access to the MyNetDiary® community and registered dietitians. This one costs $3.99 for Apple users, and is free for Android.

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