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How do Accu-Chek test reminders work?

How do Accu-Chek Aviva test reminders work?

You can set up to 4 test reminders per day. At the set reminder time, the meter will beep every 2 minutes, up to 3 times per reminder. Remember that the meter will not beep if the meter is on at the reminder time, or if a test has been run within 30 minutes of the reminder time. You can turn them off any time by going into setup mode and turning the beeper off.

How do Accu-Chek Aviva meal markers work?

With the Accu-Chek Aviva black meter, marking results with a pre-meal or post-meal marker can provide more information about how food affects your blood sugar, to aid in managing your numbers.

You can also use a general marker to identify a non-fingertip test or post-exercise result. These markers can help you remember what was different about the result when you review your results in the meter’s memory.

How do Accu-Chek Aviva Expert test reminders work?

You can set up to 8 alarm clock reminders per day for tests, injections or other events, as well as automatic reminders after high or low blood glucose results, or after certain meals.

You can also set reminders for appointments on specific days. At the scheduled time, the meter turns on and displays the reminder, along with a sound or vibration, if a test strip has not been inserted.

If the meter is already on and no blood glucose test has been performed, the reminder is displayed when the meter powers down. You can silence the test reminders by setting the meter to sound or vibrate mode within the meter settings.

How do I turn off Accu-Chek Nano test reminders?

Once set, test reminders will beep every 2 minutes up to 3 times. The reminder will turn off when you insert a test strip or press any button. To turn the beeper off all the way, refer to the set-up instructions in your Owner's Booklet.