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How to check the battery tabs on Accu-Chek Guide Me meter?

  1. Turn the meter off.
  2. Remove the battery door.
  3. Remove the batteries.
    •  Open the child-resistant battery door by inserting a narrow object, such as a pen, into the slot. Push the tab in the direction of the arrow and lift the battery door up.
  4. Examine the battery compartment. Each battery should be held in place by the black tab on the side of the battery compartment.
  5. Confirm that the black tabs on the side are not bent down.
  6. If a bent black tab is preventing the battery from making contact, use tweezers or a small screwdriver to gently bend the tab(s) back into position.
  7. Reinstall the batteries. The batteries must be placed in the battery compartment, under the black tabs with the “+” side facing up (visible).
  8. Snap the door closed.
  9. Attempt to turn on the meter by pressing and releasing the power button.