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How do I clean or disinfect my Accu-Chek meter?

Whatever type of Accu-Chek meter you have, cleaning and disinfecting are important for good maintenance.

While cleaning is simply removing dirt from the meter, disinfecting refers to removing as much of the disease-causing microorganisms and other germs as possible.

When should my Accu-Chek meter and lancing device be cleaned and disinfected?

Clean and disinfect your meter once a week, or any time blood gets on it. You should also clean your meter before allowing anyone else to handle it.

What can I use to clean and disinfect my Accu-Chek meter?

Super Sani-Cloth® disposable pop-up wipes are a convenient way to kill germs, and have been approved for cleaning and disinfecting the meter. You can buy them online from, Office Depot, Walmart and other retailers.

What parts of my Accu-Chek meter should be cleaned and disinfected?

Be sure to clean the areas around slots and openings, while being careful not to get any moisture in them. You should also wipe down the entire meter surface, including the meter display.