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Sulli the Diabetes Guru

You've got questions. Sulli has answers.

Sample conversation with SulliSample conversation with Sulli

Helping people newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Sulli the Diabetes Guru is ready to answer your questions about diabetes, including condition, diet, exercise, medication, and monitoring.

You can ask things like "What's high blood sugar?" or "What should I be eating?" Or, you can go through Sulli's step-by-step support guide.

How to talk to Sulli the Diabetes Guru

For Alexa devices, say "Alexa, open Sulli the Diabetes Guru".

For Google Assistant on your phone or speaker, say "Hey Google, talk to Sulli the Diabetes Guru".


Set reminders, get lifestyle tips and more with your diabetes guru.


Only the beginning

We are continuously developing new content and features for Sulli the Diabetes Guru and expanding across platforms. Watch this space.

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Actors used for illustration only. Not actual patients or healthcare providers.