Survey of benefits decision-makers about the burden of diabetes in the workplace reveals sleepless nights, secrets and solutions

  • Two in three (67%) benefits decision-makers believe diabetes in the workplace is a significant financial burden1
  • Three in five (59%) say providing support for their employees with diabetes is among their top 3 priorities in the next 12 months1
  • Most (87%) say it is vital for employers to offer continual support to employees with diabetes1


INDIANAPOLIS, September 4, 2019 – In the silence of the night, seven out of ten benefits decision-makers at US employers are awake seeking a solution for the financial and human burden of diabetes management, according to the findings of a new survey.

As diabetes rates and associated costs continue to rise, Roche Diabetes Care commissioned Secrets & Solutions, a survey of over 200 benefits decision-makers at self-funded companies to learn their perceptions of the impact of diabetes in their workplaces, from the effects of blood sugar variability on the well-being, productivity, and absenteeism of employees with diabetes to potential solutions. Opinion Research Corporation conducted the survey.

“Diabetes doesn’t quit, and benefits decision-makers are very aware of the day-to-day physical and emotional demands of the condition on their employees and the resulting impact on the bottom line,” said Adam Berman, Director Franchise Marketing, Roche Diabetes Care. “They see a company-sponsored program like the RocheDiabetes Health Connection that simplifies diabetes management at work and at home for employees with the condition as a win-win.”

Survey highlights: Human burden of diabetes at work

  • Two in three (67%) believe their employees with diabetes find everyday management of their condition feels like a second full-time job. 
  • Most (81%) believe employees with diabetes keep their condition a secret.
  • 91% believe employees would be less likely to keep their diabetes a secret if they could receive a company-sponsored program that simplified diabetes management. 

Aligning with national statistics2, 43% of benefits decision-makers interviewed estimate diabetes prevalence in their companies of 10% or more; 8% estimate prevalence is 20%.  Nearly half (47%) believe prevalence of pre-diabetes is 10% or more; 12% estimate 20% prevalence. Of all the health-related issues facing their workforces, benefits decision-makers say diabetes management has the biggest impact on the productivity of their company, compared with obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and mental health. Reduced productivity comes at a significant price: the total costs of diagnosed diabetes are estimated to have risen to $327 billion in 2017 with $90 billion driven by reduced productivity, according to the American Diabetes Association: Cost of Diabetes (2018)3.

Survey highlights: Financial burden of diabetes at work

  • 86% believe that difficulty managing diabetes is responsible for absenteeism and 29% have experienced increased administrative costs managing absenteeism
  • Nearly one in three (29%) have experienced increased costs to replace workers due to diabetes-related absence
  • One third (32%) of respondents cite indirect costs of diabetes resulting from fatigue, understaffing and reduced productivity
  • One in four (23%) say a fallout of diabetes at work is poor morale among employees who must perform work to cover absent co-workers

Studies show that participating in an integrated diabetes management program has a significant positive impact on glycemic control potentially driving cost savings for employers, payers, health systems and more4.  Benefits decision-makers agree, as virtually all (95%) report a company-sponsored diabetes support package would ease the human and financial burden.

Survey highlights: Support. Supplies. Solution

  • Half (49%) say helping employees to keep their blood sugar within an appropriate range has a tangible value for both the individuals’ well-being and the company’s bottom line
  • 90% think their employees with diabetes would value company access and time to monitor blood sugar and/or take insulin injections
  • 84% believe a company-sponsored program that simplified their diabetes management would contribute to increased productivity
  • 89% agree a company-supported program that would support employees with diabetes could lead to higher quality of life and reduced sick time and related expense

“The survey finding that 90% of decision-makers believe their employees with diabetes would feel more empowered at work if they had a company-supported program to help simplify everyday diabetes management is a powerful motivator for us at Roche,” continued Mr. Berman. “The RocheDiabetes Health Connection workplace diabetes program helps employers partner with their employees with diabetes to gain better control of blood sugar levels and feel more confident at work and demonstrate the financial benefits to the company bottom line and reputation as a caring employer.”

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Survey Methodology

The Roche Diabetes Care Survey was conducted online by Opinion Research Corporation among 201 U.S. benefits decision-makers at self-funded companies, adults ages 21-75, between July 11-17, 2019, using an email invitation and an online survey.

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[1] The Roche Diabetes Care Survey was conducted online by Opinion Research Corporation among 201 U.S. benefits decision-makers at self-funded companies, adults ages 21 -75, between July 11-17, 2019.  

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