Stay in touch, even when your child is out of reach

Meet the NEW Accu-Chek® Connect system—an integrated meter, app and online portal to better manage your child’s diabetes.

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Make the connection

Watch how staying connected with the Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management system can provide greater peace of mind. #GetConnected for more.

Adapting to a new normal: Meet Ruby

See Ruby's parents speak candidly about how their daughter's type 1 diabetes diagnosis changed their lives. #GetConnected for more.

Learning together: Tyler and Jodi

12-year-old Tyler and his mom share their story about learning to live with the day-to-day demands of type 1 diabetes. #GetConnected for more.

Gaining independence: Logan, Kelly and Brian

Logan and her family talk about developing trust and independence as Logan starts looking forward to college. #GetConnected for more.

Meeting in the middle: Will and Lisa

Will and Lisa are open and honest about navigating the realities of any family living with type 1 diabetes. #GetConnected for more.

Keeping track: Rodney II and Rodney III

Rodney II reveals how much he worries about keeping Rodney III, his 13-year-old son with type 1 diabetes, safe and healthy. #GetConnected for more.

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