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Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments Episode 1: Introducing the Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments Podcast with Shelley and Todd

In Episode 1 of Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments, Cherise had the opportunity to chat with Shelley Landes and Todd Laderach from Roche Diabetes Care Customer Marketing team about peer support, new strategy and more. Show Notes Get to know Shelley and Todd...

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A steaming coffee cup and socked feet atop a coffee table in front of a cozy fireplace

Keeping it chill this holiday

The holidays are awesome. Well, except for the feeling that your to-do list is infinite, your time is not your own, and you may still be seated at the kids table in your 30s. Come to think of it, sometimes "awesomely stressful" is more like it.                 Try some of these approaches to lowering the heat on yourself.  Give the gift of time (when you'll have more of it). The pressure to find the perfect gift—and pay for it—can be pretty great. Before you write us off as being corny, think about it: ...

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Girl in kitchen contemplates a row of food option, including an orange, an apple, a donut, and pastries

Finding the sweet spot between blood sugar highs and lows

Do you ever worry about low blood sugar? If you're nodding, you're in good company. According to a recent survey by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), a pretty hefty majority of people with diabetes get stressed out about the possibility of going low.1 We get it—lows are scary. So scary that some people let their blood sugar run high to avoid them.2 But that's not a solution either. Deep down, you know that risking long-term health problems by running high isn't the answer to avoiding low blood glucose today. So what can you do? Talk about the...

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Bennet's type 2 diabetes treatment tips—gleaned from caring for his type 1 kids

Bennet's been active in the diabetes online community (DOC) since the early days, when two of his four children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We talked to him about that experience, and how it guided his care when his own numbers began to rise. How did you first get involved in the DOC? One of my kids was diagnosed...

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5 things to change about your blood glucose checks

Has your doctor recommended that you check your blood sugar, but you're not sure how—or why? Here are a few ideas to take to heart. Make sure you're doing it right. Knowing the right way to test can reduce the pain of pricking your fingers and save money through fewer wasted test strips. If you haven't learned the technique from your healthcare team, watch a step-by-step video on our YouTube channel. Stop thinking they're just for your doctor. You can learn a great deal from the data you collect in-between visits...

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Father dropping young daughter off at elementary school

5 additions to your back-to-school-with-diabetes supply list

You've got the DMMP and the 504 or IEP down.* You've filled a "low box" with snacks and hypo treatments to keep at school—and stashed some in the backpack. And you've met with school staff. So what else can you keep on hand for the challenges of the new year? Books for friends. Younger kids may want to share diabetes-themed picture books or printed coloring sheets with friends, so they can understand why your child eats extra snacks, checks blood sugar or leaves the room throughout the day. Ask the teacher if you can distribute materials to the whole classroom. A Blue Friday...

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Elderly physician holding folder and discussing results with elderly female patient

Insulin? But I have type 2!

BY KAREN FLANAGAN, MA, RD, CDE With type 2 diabetes, many people think, "take a pill, watch your diet and all will be well." Right? Then, out of the blue, your doctor mentioned insulin. Insulin is secreted from a healthy-functioning pancreas in response to food or stress—whenever your body needs to get glucose into your muscle cells. In doing so, it helps keep a healthy level of glucose in your blood. Without a doubt, insulin is the most natural, easiest way to keep your blood sugar in an optimal range. Still, some physicians don't recommend insulin because they think that their patients might be too scared...

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Woman cradling coffee cup and laughing as man across the table speaks

Keep laughing through the highs and lows (and we aren't just talking about blood sugar)

Diabetes isn't just a blood sugar rollercoaster—it can be an emotional one, too. After all, nobody can be at the top of their game every hour of every day, year in and year out. Taking care of your emotional health can be just as important (and challenging) as managing your blood sugar. Fortunately, if you're getting one of them right—the physical or emotional side—the other one is likely to come easier. Here are three thoughts on keeping a positive, hopeful outlook. Don't check out this winter. It's easy, especially if you live in the north, to see winter as one long self-care vacation. It...

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Spiral-bound notebook with diabetes written on white paper surrounded by stethoscope and blood pressure gauge

Diabetes and heart disease: They don't have to go together

You may have heard that diabetes and heart disease often go hand-in-hand. But it's also true that they don't have to. There are many things you can do to protect your heart. Before that, however, let's start by understanding why people with diabetes are often at higher risk. While diabetes on its own is a risk factor for heart disease, it appears that diabetes and other risk factors such as smoking and obesity work together to raise risk even further.1 But wait—there's good news! Taking good care of yourself—the way you deserve—can seriously reduce your risk of complications. Intensive blood sugar management...

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