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Young son chopping fresh vegetables while smiling father looks on and sautees tomatoes

The Diabetes Chef Table

Is it possible that diabetes can actually help your family? Diabetes is certainly a lot to manage, but it also provides a unique opportunity for families to better understand their wellness and develop healthy habits together, including the choices they make when it comes to mealtime. Food plays...

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Dinner glassware sitting atop a white tablecloth in an upscale restaurant at night

Dining Out with Diabetes

In honor of this year’s World Diabetes Day, we’re asking a challenging question: Which ways can diabetes actually help your family? Diabetes is certainly tough, but we also believe it can present families with unique opportunities to better understand their health and to work together to develop hea...

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Man perusing bottled beverages in empty supermarket aisle

Decoding Diabetes: How to Read a Nutrition Label

Have you ever thought about how diabetes can actually help your entire family get healthier? Managing diabetes well means being disciplined and thoughtful about every food you choose, which creates a real opportunity to think more carefully about what is in the food you and your family eat. Shopp...

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Elderly woman kayaking along river

How to Safely Work Out with Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis can impact every member of your family. But have you ever thought about the positive effects diabetes can have on the ones you love? For example, one important part of effectively managing diabetes is staying physically active. When you find opportunities to include friends and family in your regular exercise routine, this presents you with an opportunity to manage your blood sugar while helping everybody stay healthy together—and have some fun! Consider the following while enjoying fun and healthy activities with your family and friends. Plus we have also added help...

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Father lifting small son skyward as he sits on the couch with smiling mother and daughter

How Parents with Diabetes can Make Their Wellness a Family Priority

For many of us, diabetes is a family affair. Especially when a parent has diabetes, managing the disease with physical activity and healthy food choices can impact every member of the family. This World Diabetes Day, we’re thinking about this as an opportunity to explore the ways diabetes can actual...

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Two mugs of amber beer being raised in a toast

Say Cheers with Confidence

Living with diabetes means celebrating with each little victory, every healthy choice and new habit that helps you stay on top of your blood sugar. That sort of focus can be infectious, which has us thinking about how diabetes can actually help families stay healthy together even in their celebratio...

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Smiling family of four walking down sidewalk with two young daughters running in front of parents walking dog

Managing Diabetes through Family Fitness

Diabetes presents families with plenty of challenges, but can it actually help families get healthier? This World Diabetes Day, we’re exploring the different opportunities diabetes offers the whole family to take control of their health as a group. Exercise is one of the key pillars of managing d...

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Getting to know mySugr

In partnership with: mySugr specializes in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes—made by people with diabetes. mySugr apps, services and access to the world’s best diabetes coaching at the tap of a finger all work together to ease the daily grind of living with diabetes. The mySugr motto, “make diabetes suck less,” rings true in everything they do, and Roche is proud to have been one of their first device integration partners and investors. Where it started The mySugr idea was born in 2010 by four cofounders in Vienna, Austria. Smartphones were still pretty new, the f...

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