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Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments Episode 1: Introducing the Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments Podcast with Shelley and Todd

In Episode 1 of Inspiration Exchange Diabetes Moments, Cherise had the opportunity to chat with Shelley Landes and Todd Laderach from Roche Diabetes Care Customer Marketing team about peer support, new strategy and more. Show Notes Get to know Shelley and Todd from the Customer Marketing Team Evolution of Roche Diabetes Care US social media content and engagement The motivation behind the Inspiration Exchange Importance of peer support and why Roche Diabetes Care US is hyper-focused on peer connections and resources What’s next for Roche Diabetes Care US social...

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Woman placing coins in a pink piggy bank

Managing the high cost of diabetes

Did you know that medical costs for people with diabetes are more than twice as high as for people without diabetes? Discover the high costs of diabetes and how to manage them with this infographic. Download and share today! For a simple way to save on test strips, sign up for the Accu-Chek® Guid...

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Woman in workout gear walking alongside urban flower patch

The ABCs of insulin and fitness

BY TAMI SCHOEPFLIN, RD CDE Using an insulin pump and want to exercise? Balancing exercise, insulin and blood sugar can be as simple as A-B-C. A is for Activity Sometimes, people with diabetes are surprised to find out how well exercise can help control blood sugar levels.1 If you aren't exe...

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Man holding phone taking picture of a crowded breakfast spread, complete with orange juice, coffee, toast, cereal, fruit, and more

Why knowing more can lead to better management

Ever since we were born, most of us were hard wired to pester the adults around us with one simple, repetitive question: WHY? Don't touch that. Why? Eat your vegetables. Why? Do your homework. Why? We're born to wonder, explore and question. Have you ever noticed that the better you unde...

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Peaceful girl pressing her forehead against pet cat's head

6 ways to recharge—mind, body and spirit

Fall seven times and stand up eight. - Japanese proverb​ If you're feeling busy or worn out, it can be hard to take time to focus on yourself. But a few self-energizing minutes a day can make you more productive to meet the demands life and diabetes send your way. Here are 6 ways to recharge your physical, mental and emotional energy. 1. Quiet your mind. Sit and simply listen to yourself breathe deeply. If any outside pressures try to intrude, ask them to wait until you're ready to resume thinking. 2. Re-spark a resolution. New Year's resolutions are full of good intentions, but...

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Country musician Ben Rue holds up "bull horns" with his hand before huge crowd doing the same for #BuckOffDiabetes

We're taking diabetes by the horns! A behind-the-scenes look at #BuckOffDiabetes.

It started with a segment on Good Morning America, gained steam at the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin and continued onto Jimmy Kimmel's stage. Here's a little look at the fun in Austin with country singer and Accu-Chek® Guide user Ben Rue.* We've loved watching Ben continue his meteoric rise in...

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Yoga class with a wide variety of men and women on yoga mats

No diabetes exercise resources? No problem. Here's how Christel made her own.

After moving to California and being inspired to get more fit, Christel noticed a lack of resources for managing blood sugar while exercising. So she decided to change that. She and her husband cofounded Diabetes Strong three years ago, and she agreed to chat with us about her experience. Have yo...

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Young man pumps fist and roars in triumph as friend gives the thumbs-up sign in the background

Planning for the new year? Forget "I should." Think "I can."

We all know what we should do. We should get 8 hours of sleep every night. We should replace our home air filters every 3 months. We should pay more attention to world events. However, knowing and doing are very different things. As we near the start of a new year, it's natural to ponder resoluti...

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Man in office marking in spiral notebook with ballpoint pen and typing on desk calculator

How to save money on blood glucose test strips

Focus on your health, not the cost, with the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay savings program. Save on diabetes testing supplies without using insurance. Download and share this fact sheet explaining how to save money on diabetes test strips now. Sign up to get your free Accu-Chek® Guide SimplePay savings card.1 View Infographic As Text Always pay the same low price for test strips. Sign up for the Accu-Chek® Guide SimplePay savings program.1 Sign Up Now Focus on your health. Not the cost. The Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay program:1 Always know the low price you'll pay...

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