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Man sitting in park testing blood sugar with Accu-Chek Guide blood glucose meter and Accu-Chek FastClix lancing device

How accurate are blood glucose meters?

In partnership with: BY T'ARA SMITH (BEYOND TYPE 2) Article originally published on Beyond Type 2 We know blood glucose meters are pretty necessary for managing Type 2 diabetes. How else can we track our blood sugar? Going to the doctor every three months or so certainly isn’t the way, thoug...

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Christel Oerum of DiabetesStrong shows blood glucose result on Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter while eating meal

Your diabetes is not the same as my diabetes – and we don’t have to follow the same diet.

In partnership with: BY CHRISTEL OERUM (DIABETES STRONG) Everyone living with diabetes knows managing their diabetes isn’t just a question of staying healthy, counting carbs, and taking meds. Sometimes managing your diabetes can be like trying to control a hysterical toddler. Some of us...

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Christel Oerum of DiabetesStrong shows blood glucose result on Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter

Why I didn’t share my diabetes openly for 15 years (and why I do now)

In partnership with: BY CHRISTEL OERUM (DIABETES STRONG) Everyone’s diabetes journey is different. The way you live your life with diabetes today versus 10 years from now is inevitably going to feel and look very different. Where you currently are in your journey will also affect how much of...

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Coiled spring sitting atop a wooden table

How does time change affect diabetes?

It is that time of year again when we shift our clocks to “spring forward.” The good news about this is longer days ahead with more sunlight. But that first week can be a little challenging. Skipping ahead an hour can make you feel a little groggy the next few days; not to mention it can play games with your blood sugar. Our bodies are finely-tuned machines. In the morning when it is time to wake up, our body knows to release cortisol, a hormone that is released in response to stress. Back in the day it was vital for helping us escape from a chase with a tiger, but today it helps us get out...

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Accu-Chek FastClix device sitting in empty white coffee mug on kitchen counter next to utensils bin

How to organize your home for diabetes management

There are two ways people who manage their diabetes well can make their diabetes self-care even better: Set up your environment for success Practice healthy habits We tend to think people who do something well do so because they are highly motivated and/or have lots of willpower. But th...

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Christel Oerum of Diabetes Strong doing single-leg deadlifts

What is resistance training and why should you care?

In partnership with: BY CHRISTEL OERUM (DIABETES STRONG) I absolutely love resistance training! I love how empowered it makes me feel and how it helps me manage my diabetes. Resistance training simply means that you put your muscles to work, building strength by using your bodyweight, resi...

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Woman's foot in pink running shoe hiking along rocky wilderness trail

How to stop diabetes from ruining your workouts

In partnership with: Article originally published on the mySugr Blog Diabetes and exercise is a topic of its own, and sometimes managing blood sugars around exercise and activity turns out to be more challenging than the workout itself. On the one hand, it’s hard because your body reacts c...

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Diverse group of five individuals linked by arms around waists and shoulders

¿Qué son los tipos de la diabetes?

In partnership with: Sabemos que existen tres tipos de diabetes de los que se habla con mayor frecuencia. Estos son la diabetes Tipo 1, la diabetes Tipo 2 y la diabetes gestacional. Sin embargo, existen otros tipos de diabetes. De hecho, se estima que un cinco por ciento de todos los casos diagnosticados de diabetes pertenecen a algún tipo raro de diabetes, como la diabetes autoinmune latente del adulto (LADA, por sus siglas en inglés), la diabetes de la edad madura que se presenta en el joven (MODY, por sus siglas en inglés), la diabetes relacionada con la fibrosis quística (DRFQ, por sus...

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