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7 Ways Alcohol Affects Diabetes

Drinking alcohol can affect your health in more ways than one. But do you know what alcohol use means when you live with diabetes? Make sure you know the facts. 1. Alcohol keeps your liver from doing its job. The liver’s main function is regulating blood sugar in the body. When you drink, y...

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Happy Camper

Roche has teamed up with the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana (DYFI) for many years to run summer camps for children living with diabetes. A very rewarding partnership for all parties involved. An American child goes to summer camp. This may sound like the most natural thing in the world sinc...

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3 Ways Roche Diabetes Care is Making Access to Care More Equitable in the U.S.

Diabetes does not affect everyone equally. Access to diabetes care, education, and resources remain out of reach for many. Why? There are many reasons, including food insecurity among families and neighborhoods, homelessness, poverty. .1 Intersectionality adds to these disparities since people of co...

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