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Could diabetes actually help your family get healthier?

When you were first diagnosed with diabetes, you probably had a lot of questions. A lot of doubts. Some misgivings. It probably wasn't your first thought to see your diagnosis as an opportunity for you and your family to live healthier lives. The truth is, diabetes can help your family adopt healthy habits. That's because living well with diabetes looks a lot like the foundation for living well in general. It's all about eating healthy food, staying fit, and taking an active role in your own health and well-being.

This downloadable guide is designed to help you and your family make healthy habits a part of your everyday life. Living well with diabetes is easier when your loved ones join you in a commitment to living healthful lives every single day. We encourage you to share this resource with your family. Refer to it as you explore new opportunities to improve your mind, body and spirit while you learn to live with diabetes.

The first tip of the field guide is detailed below. To read the full list of tips for families with diabetes, download the full guide today!

Finding the right fit

It's easy to forget that our health is part of our identity until the day we get news like a diabetes diagnosis. How did you define health before your diagnosis? How did it change? It's important to talk with your doctor about what health means to you and your family. The information and insight you share with your doctor helps you work as a team to personalize your approach to living with diabetes.

Just as meal plans and exercise programs have different physical effects on every person, each family unit has different needs and preferences for health management.

The more you and your family know about your health needs, the easier it will be to adapt or create new traditions for meals, celebrations, recreation and leisure that will benefit your whole family.

Ready to read more tips for families with diabetes?

Download the full Family Field Guide to Living with Diabetes.

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