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11 roses smell just as good as a dozen

Want to make a difference in the life of a child with diabetes? (You know you do.) Here's the best Valentine gift you can give—participate in the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign.

Instead of sending that special someone a dozen roses this Valentine's Day, buy 11 instead and donate the cost of that 12th rose to help a child with diabetes. Your Valentine will still get an amazing, Facebook-worthy bouquet, and you'll both enjoy knowing that you've done something good for someone who needs it.

Spare a Rose, Save a Child is a joint effort by the International Diabetes Federation and Partnering for Diabetes Change, a coalition of people with diabetes and industry representatives working to provide life-saving diabetes supplies, medication and education to children in developing countries.

Show the biggest kind of love this Valentine's Day (or any day). Give someone peace of mind for another day.

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