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One resolution: Drink more water

If you've been reading us for a while, you know we're not big fans of resolutions. Goals? Yes. Commitments to yourself at any time of year? Certainly. But we're bending our own rule a bit this year. Because if ever there were a resolution worth making—and super easy, to boot—it's this one: Drink More Water.

Even better, drinking water may be able to help you with other goals and resolutions, if you were to decide to go that route. Here's a peek at how:

Water for weight loss or management

A study last year found a link between dehydration and obesity,1 and that led researchers to consider why. One reason may be that when people drink enough water, they may feel fuller. On the flip side, people tend to mistake thirst for hunger, so they'll overeat when they're really just thirsty. Drinking water may be key to helping slim down or maintain a healthy weight.

Water for working out

It's not just about replenishing what you sweat out. Water helps energize your muscles and avoid muscle fatigue.2

Water for healthier skin

You're made up of about 60% water, and when you're dried out (especially if you're facing harsh winter weather) it shows on your skin. So drink up.2

Water keeps things moving

Help flush out (literally) your kidneys and bowels to reduce your risk of kidney problems and issues with your GI tract. Probably not a resolution you were planning to make, but it can't hurt.2

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