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Healthier Halloween treats: it's okay to be "that" house

There are many good reasons for skipping the candy on Halloween and opting for less sugar-packed treats. Maybe you want to do your part to make your community healthier. Maybe you just want to try something different this year. Whatever your reasons, we think you should go for it! To help, we've rounded up some treats that will please even the pickiest goblins.

Everyone loves snack packs of cookies, popcorn or crackers. Look for organic products you can buy in bulk, like cheddar bunnies or graham snacks.

Dark chocolate is a great alternative to milk or white chocolate. You can actually feel good about tossing individually wrapped squares in their candy bags.

Find organic fruit leathers, which are usually made only with fruit and juice concentrates. These sweet treats are way better than commercial fruit candies.

Remember honey-sesame crunch candies? Low sugar, low carb, low fat―and you can buy a pound of individually wrapped pieces for less than you'd spend on a bag of mini chocolate bars.

Freeze-dried fruit snack packs are a fun way to sneak in a healthy treat. They're crunchy and sugar-free.

Buy organic honey sticks in bulk for a great alternative to candy. Children can eat them as-is, or add to oatmeal or apples the next time they have a snack.

You'll never go wrong with the classic box of raisins. They're sweet and chewy―what's not to love?

There's always this option: make and bag your own trail mix with things like raisins, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate chips. Print out a small note for the bag, listing what you included, plus your name and address as a courtesy to any suspicious parents.

Of course, you can also go completely off script and hand out toys instead. Search online for bulk items such as bouncy balls, spider rings, finger lights, mini kazoos or glow bracelets. Whatever you choose, we're pretty sure your house will be spared any tricks this year!

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