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10 super spooky Halloween party snacks

It's not a successful Halloween party unless you've grossed out your guests with spooky snacks like zombie fingers and freaky eyeballs. Here's how to make them, plus 8 other dastardly dishes.

Zombie Fingers

Carve some knuckles onto cheese sticks and add red or green bell pepper fingernails to the tips using a dab of cream cheese as glue. So simple and yet so weird.

Monstrous Eyeballs

Ever feel like you're being watched at the snack table? It's these hard-boiled eggs filled with guacamole and topped with a sliced olive iris.

The Meatloaf Hand

Not Martha's meatloaf hand is a Halloween legend unto itself. Use her meatloaf recipe or your own version, then sit back as your guests marvel at your creeptastic skills.

Gelatin Worms

Pour sugar-free Jell-O into a handful of bendy straws, let it firm up, then pull out the "worms" and serve 'em cold to your most adventurous eaters. They really do look like earthworms!

Veggie Skeleton

We couldn't resist including this cute skeleton with her lettuce hair, red pepper ribs and celery shins. Use whatever veggie dip you want for the face, too. She's as healthy as she is clever.

Creepy Crawlers

Turn dates, raisins and other dried fruits into skin-tingling bugs. Just add almond slices for wings, chow mein noodle legs, and sunflower seed eyes!

Mushroom Skulls

Clean a large, white mushroom leaving the stem on. Carve out two holes for the eyes, a small triangle nose and a few rectangle teeth. We promise: this simple trick will make your salads 100% more macabre.

Guacamole-Puking Pumpkin

Whip up a batch of your best guacamole. Carve a pumpkin with an anguished look on its face. Arrange them both on a large platter, making it look like the pumpkin just lost its lunch. Healthy and disgusting!

Berry Scary Martinis

You'll need black vodka for this morbid martini. Mix it with fresh cherry juice and top with blackberries and you have the bleakest, tastiest drink in the room.

Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins

If your Halloween style runs more toward "adorable" then these are for you. Cut a banana in half and add mini-chip eyes and noses to make ghosts. Make pumpkins by peeling tangerines or clementines and adding a tiny chunk of celery to the top as a stem.

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